What is hCG?

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What is hCG?

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“The weight is over!”

You are about to embark on a wonderful journey that will make you smile and jump for joy.  It’s time to conquer your weight issues once and for all!  The HCG program is real and it works.  No smooth talk, no slick advertising, and no exaggerated claims of success.  The HCG program produces results that are typical in the majority of individuals.

Education and Commitment—that’s all it takes.  So let’s get started!

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin.  It is a hormone that is produced in large quantities in pregnancy.  (Both men and women have male and female hormones, so this program is just as successful for men!)

HCG is responsible for making the abnormal fat reserves of the body available to be burned as fuel.  In pregnancy it is used to protect the nutritional health of the growing baby; however, in conjunction with this program, it is used to rid the body of the abnormal fat deposits.  Rest assured that the HCG helps to stave off any hunger pangs that a restricted diet may cause.  With the introduction of HCG, thousands of extra calories begin to flood the system from the abnormal fat being metabolized.  For this reason, HCG diets are easier to stick to than a traditional healthy diet that simply restricts calories.  When a program is easy to stick to, success is the end result!

Depending on your weight loss goals, you will choose either the 23- or 40-day HCG plan.  You will need to purchase 2 bottles of the sublingual HCG for the 23-day round, or 3 bottles for the 40-day round.