Medical Weight Loss at Corner Canyon Chiropractic

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Medical Weight Loss at Corner Canyon Chiropractic

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There are many medical weight losss programs out there. We have a wide variety of programs available which are customized based on age, current health status, and how much weight is desired to be dropped.

The doctor will work with you based on your individual needs, timeline and budget. This can be as simple as a diet change and can be as dramatic as diet, detoxing and hormones.

Obviously if you’re in pain, you will not be able to exercise as easily, so if this is an issue and there is any physical limitation to you exercising, then this may be addressed as well.

Average results on the hormone weight loss are 10-20 pounds in three weeks and 20-35 pounds in 40 days. Since we are working with the hormones, these are long standing changes.

Call 801-553-9691 if you would like to start losing weight today.

Methods Utilized:
  • Diet and Life-style modification
  • Health Analysis with blood tests, hormone tests & questionnaire
    (This is the real difference with medical weight loss. A dietician will not be able to do this)
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
  • Pain management
  • Whole body detoxification