Going on a diet in 2011?

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Going on a diet in 2011?

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It’s that time of year.  Have you noticed the parking lots at the gyms are packed!  Seems like most everyone’s new years resolutions include losing weight.  When it comes to matters of health like this I want to be the first one you turn to for help!

It’s no secret that obesity is a problem in our country.  I believe that anyone that studies and embraces the culture of chiropractic in my office will be motivated and have the support necessary to make healthier choices that will lead to successfully shedding excess weight.  Which leads me to another important matter.  I am sick of all the weight loss gimmicks!  There are certain products that do way more harm than good and it’s hard to know what is what. So, even if I don’t really think you need to lose a single pound, if you are convinced that you do I want to give you the tools to do so in a way that promotes and sustains good health.

Here’s the bottom line.  A body that is trim and fit may be attractive but doesn’t always mean it is healthy.  I want your body to be able to support a lifetime of energy and vitality, and prevent the accelerated onset of degenerative diseases. Managing weight and healthy body composition is primarily a matter of expending more calories than we consume. Eating less food (quantity) and improving our food selections (quality) along with increasing physical activity is the best way to experience permanent and healthy weight loss.

Yes, there are many more factors and that is what the class is for. The first one is January 25th.  Contact Angela and sign-up today, 801-553-9691.