Reviews- my patients!

I came to you with debilitating digestive problems which had terribly worsened over the past year: constant nausea, acid reflux, some vomiting, very slow and long digestion, flatulence and stomach pain, and fatigue.  After a few weeks wherein I was not taking any medication anymore, my digestion started to be more “normal” again. The plan was so simple and yet I could not have done it on my own. Thank you for giving me my life back!

~Gwen J

When I first came in to see the Doctor, I wasn’t sleeping, was always sick, and was experiencing a wide variety of other medical conditions. I didn’t want to have to take laxatives every day for the rest of my life. After seeing Dr. Gordon, I am a new woman physically, mentally, and emotionally! I have seen this program work for me, and would highly recommend it to anyone ready for a change in their life.

~Mary M

Previous to seeing the Doctor, I was experiencing bloating, diarrhea/constipation and pain on a regular basis. My family doctor did nothing for me except tell me to take more fiber, which did nothing. I was told once I started medications that I would never get off them. Since coming in, it has been a complete turn around. I feel like myself again. I have taken control of my body and mind. My attitude about life has greatly improved. The treatment program was based completely on me and my individual needs, and the sense of accomplishment I have now is the best feeling in the world!

~Tianna W

I was frustrated with my Crohn’s Disease. I was overweight, tired all of the time, very irritable from the pain, and generally just not feeling well. All that my doctors would tell me was that I was probably going to have to have surgery. Since coming to see the Doctor, I have lost 50 pounds, have amazing new energy, and can now control my diet and weight. I no longer need surgery, and am feeling great! My health is excellent. I feel trim and am no longer bloated, my skin color looks much better, and I am not hungry all of the time anymore. I experienced my results quickly and with the guidance I received I now have control over my life and my Crohn’s Disease.

~Larry G

I started getting sick when I was 13. That’s when my symptoms first started appearing. I would have joint pain and swelling in my hands and feet, I was experiencing stomach pains and was tired all the time. I just always felt ill and my doctor had no idea what was happening. Dr. Gordon knew exactly what to do. The program was easy, and I didn’t know how it was going to help at first, but then all of the sudden I was getting better. All of my symptoms have cleared up.

~Josh C

Living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome is more difficult than most know. It can be embarrassing and has left me feeling so hopeless on many occasions. I often feel sick and others have a hard time comprehending what I’m experiencing.
After just 10 days on this program all of my symptoms have gone away or improved significantly. I feel wonderful; I feel like myself again!

~Christina H

I had suffered from IBS for over 15 years. My doctor finally tested me for SIBO and prescribed Rifaxan. I saw a newspaper ad about a month ago, about fixing IBS. I followed the steps and in just over a week, I was pain and “food baby” free! This has changed my life. I am eternally grateful!!!

~Karen P

Finally a program that works! I had taken many antibiotics over the years and had many yeast infections. But my biggest concern was my out of control sugar cravings and exhaustion. I am happy to report that my sugar craving are under control, I’ve had more energy than I’ve had in years and I am feeling healthier than I have ever felt before. I am so grateful to Dr Gordon and all he’s been able to help me with. I finally have the life I’ve always wanted.

~Michelle B

I have been suffering with celiac disease for the last 5 years. I’ve struggled with constipation and weight problems for as long as I can remember. Since working with Dr. Gordon I have lost weight and my digestion is actually normal! I’ve never had regular bowel movements and now I have one every day. If I have gluten I am no longer in pain and don’t have the horrible side effects I use to have. Dr. Gordon has changed my life and my husband and I are so grateful for the impact he has had on our life.

~Larissa H

Before coming to Dr. Gordon’s office I struggled with multiple digestive problems. I went to several doctors and no one was able to help me. I tried several medications and only had more problems from the side effects of the medications. I had lost all hope since everywhere I went no one was able to help me. A friend recommended I see Dr. Gordon and I am so glad I did. I am no longer suffering from ANY digestive problems! I have energy and my overall perspective on life has changed. Before I was bitter and angry all the time. Now I can’t wait to wake up each morning and I am excited for a new day. I don’t know where I would be without Dr. Gordon.

~Kristine P

I have had problems with stress in the shoulders, headaches, lower back problems. Dr Gordon has done a great job adjusting me and relieving me of my headaches. I’ve had very few since I started coming here.
I’ve been a hairdresser for 18 years.  I came in with a headache and lower back pain and they were gone after today’s treatment.  I feel much better and I can make it through the day at work.
I come to Dr Gordon because I have pain in my shoulders and in my lower back. Between the adjustments and the massage it has been eliminated and I feel great!
I have some serious neck issues and I’ve been ceased up in my neck for awhile. I came in to see Dr Gordon and the next day I was able to have better range of motion in my neck and not have that pain.
I’ve had lower back problems for a long time from a motorcycle accident and being a diver at the University of Utah. I started seeing Dr Gordon and my back is so much better. I don’t notice pain anymore.
I had some lower back spasms and pain. I’ve had an opportunity to have treatment and its been very helpful and I’m feeling much better.
I was in a car accident and having pain in my back and lower neck. I’ve also been having pain in my shoulder. Dr Gordon’s worked on me and its improved quite a bit. He see’s me regularly and it’s getting better and better.