Chiropractic Get’s Results- my patients!

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I have had problems with stress in the shoulders, headaches, lower back problems. Dr Gordon has done a great job adjusting me and relieving me of my headaches. I’ve had very few since I started coming here.
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I’ve been a hairdresser for 18 years.  I came in with a headache and lower back pain and they were gone after today’s treatment.  I feel much better and I can make it through the day at work.
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I come to Dr Gordon because I have pain in my shoulders and in my lower back. Between the adjustments and the massage it has been eliminated and I feel great!
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I have some serious neck issues and I’ve been ceased up in my neck for awhile. I came in to see Dr Gordon and the next day I was able to have better range of motion in my neck and not have that pain.
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I’ve had lower back problems for a long time from a motorcycle accident and being a diver at the University of Utah. I started seeing Dr Gordon and my back is so much better. I don’t notice pain anymore.
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I had some lower back spasms and pain. I’ve had an opportunity to have treatment and its been very helpful and I’m feeling much better.
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I was in a car accident and having pain in my back and lower neck. I’ve also been having pain in my shoulder. Dr Gordon’s worked on me and its improved quite a bit. He see’s me regularly and it’s getting better and better.